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Hospo jobs can set you up for life. We know, because we’ve seen it. Don’t underestimate how much a part-time job can teach you lessions that you’ll carry through your life and into any future career. We want to showcase how remarkable this industry is and we’re not complaining if we pick up some awesome new talent while we’re at it.

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Skills alone don’t make a someone a great employee. The most successful people in the world are those who understand who they are as individuals. We want to help you get to know—and love—your personality, which is why we’ve developed this easy online test that will help you discover which parts of the hospitality industry you will love the most.


Our jazzy bartenders are all about our old-fashioned shakes, fresh alcohol-free drinks, delicious wine, really cold beers and yummy cocktails.

Hustlers & Restaurant Managers

Our burger hustlers strive to deliver casual excellence in all that they do. They’re awesomely diverse but they all share a strong work ethic and a positive attitude. #squadgoals


A particularly jazzy crew, our chefs like their burgers hot, their fish fresh and their music loud. To be a really good cook or chef, it takes tremendous physical, mental and emotional fortitude. Do you have what it takes?

Jazzy People

Jazzy  (jah-zee) adj: word to describe an individual that gets sh*t done with a smile and that’s eager to learn.

Jazzy people are unique, proud, honest, positive, passionate and respectful. They show up on time, they work hard, they laugh and they let their personalities shine. Oh and because they work for us, they also normally have lots of well-earned cash, a new crew of mates, good working hours and even better work stories.



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