Mimi Gilmour

Mimi is the co-founder, CEO & Creative Team Leader of Burger Burger and Fish Fish. We like to call her, “Boss Lady.” Mimi has worked her way up through waiting tables to managing restaurants to running her own in both Sydney and Auckland. (Cue: Drake singing “Started from the bottom now we’re here”) Mimi graduated from ELAM with a fine arts degree in photography and she still flexes her creative muscles every day, coming up with wild and exciting concepts, campaigns, designs and branding for our restaurants.


Adrian Chilton

Co-founder and executive chef Adrian Chilton has come a long way since he was Spartacus’ body double. Adrian started working in kitchens at the age of 15 and then graduated from AUT with a Diploma in Hospitality Management. Food has taken him all over the world, from cooking for TV stars in the Pacific Islands and Hollywood to studying techniques in Italy. Adrian is passionate about sustainable food and helping young chefs rise up through his kitchens. Engaged and the father of a beautiful baby girl, Adrian balances being a chef with being a family man.

Stephen Buckley

Apart from his wife and family, CFO Stephen Buckley loves three things: fitness (former-national-javelin-champion-turned-crossfit-junkie), music (launched his first business, Mix It DJ, while at Uni and it now has offices in Auckland, London and New York), and business (he loooves making money…and documenting the process). Stephen is living proof that you don’t have to know your Michelin stars from your Metro spoons to have a career in food. He approaches hospitality from a business angle and, we think, does a damn fine job of it.


Mike Wood

What’s a COO? Apart from the person who has to answer when you sing the “coo coo cachoo bit in “I Am A Walrus”, it’s the organizational ninja who knows everything about the company, from the broken down cost of an individual lettuce leaf through to how many hustlers are needed on the floor on a Friday night. Mike knows it all. Like Yoda. He graduated with a Law and Commerce degree but now lives the dream by wearing shorts to work and tailoring his hours to the surfing conditions.

Jordan Pryor

Jordan is considered the most important person in the business by every single staff member who works at both Burger Burger and Fish Fish. Why? One word: Payroll. He’s the man with the power. He’s definitey not a food snob (he consumes a giant bag of chips and five coffees a day) and he expertyly balances this fulltime gig with his studies – he’s working towards a commerce degree with a DOUBLE major in finance and accounting.


Holly Speer

You may recognise Holly and her chipper demeanour from her days as a Burger Burger waitress. In fact, even though she’s in charge of marketing now up at HQ, she still dons the apron when the team’s a staffer down. That’s because Holly has a super jazzy attitude. And THAT is why Holly wasn’t working on the floor for very long before the Boss Lady shoulder-tapped her to come and put her marketing degree to use in head office.